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What is TurboBot ?

TurboBot, a powerful and user-friendly trading companion designed to provide traders, from novices to experts, with the tools and insights to make intelligent, rapid, and profitable trading decisions.

TurboBot’s feature set is extensive, offering:

  • Volume monitoring to eliminate market analysis guesswork.
  • Wallet tracking to keep users informed of influential crypto movements.
  • Sniper alerts for pinpoint timing during token launches.
  • Execute trades directly from alerts.

TurboBot Features

Volume Monitoring

TurboBot takes the guesswork out of market analysis. Our sophisticated bot constantly monitors the volume of the first few blocks with precision and alerts you when it detects significant trading activity. You set the thresholds, and we do the rest. No more missed opportunities.

Wallet Tracking

Keep an eye on the movers and shakers of the crypto world. TurboBot tracks specific wallets and notifies you as soon as they make a move. It's like having your own personal crypto detective, working 24/7 to keep you informed.

Sniper Alert

TurboBot closely watches every launch and identifies when multiple wallets converge on the same block, especially during enable trading or liquidity addition. It's your signal to act, and we make sure you don't miss the mark.

Trade on Alert

Trading has never been more seamless. TurboBot allows you to trade directly from the alerts. Our integrated buy and sell options mean you can respond to opportunities as they arise, right from your notification.

Revenue Sharing

We believe in sharing the success. TURBO's revenue-sharing model ensures you benefit not only from your trades but also from the collective success of the TURBO community. You earn a share of the swap fees and subscription fees, turning your passive holdings into active income.

Live Trading

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Phase 1

⚡ Project Initiation
⚡ Community Building
⚡ Turbo Bot Development
⚡ Prototype Testing

Phase 2

⚡ Beta Launch
⚡ Official Release
⚡ Feature Expansion
⚡ Partnerships

Phase 3

⚡ Revenue Sharing Implementation
⚡ Full-Scale Launch
⚡ Education & Support
⚡ Continuous Improvements
⚡ Global Expansion & Adoption


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